Planet Of Terror Podcast

Writer/Director Dom Portalla talks with Geof Capodanno (head blogger at Enter The Man-Cave and host Cortez the Killer about his independent film, “The Darkness Within”, on Episode 3 of the  Planet of Terror horror podcast Other topics include “A Serbian Film”, Monster Mania Horror Convention and old school Nintendo games. Check it out!



Planet of Terror Interview

To anyone that will listen, I’ve been saying for the past two years or so that the horror genre is singlehandedly being carried by independent filmmakers. Challenging conventions while not adhering at all to your standard tropes, these fearless filmmakers are giving a much needed shot to the arm to a genre that is rife with unoriginal storytelling. These filmmakers, much like the one in today’s featured interview, aren’t at all afraid to take risks. And of course, they’re here to scare the piss out of you. 



The Man-Cave Interview with director Dom Portalla

ETMC: Hi Dom and thanks for stopping by. Do you like how I introduced as if you were coming onto a late night talk show? Dom: Genius, sir. Naturally, I’d be the guy who trips and faceplants as I walk to shake the host’s hand, so this actually works out better and spares me the embarrassment. ETMC: Ok so Dom. I absolutely loved The Darkness Within. I won’t give anything away, but it certainly was not what I expected and I mean that with the highest flattery. A real brain tickler that I thought about well after I popped it out of my DVD player. So I want to ask you where the idea for this film came from? Dom: When I was in college, I had been working on a modern re-imagining of a classic Edgar Allen Poe short story. The idea was to make a short film, probably[…]