Brief Impressions of the Panasonic GH4

It’s been several months since the release of the groundbreaking Panasonic GH4, which seems to have cornered the market on DSLR videography and has forced some of my favorite YouTube Canon users (like Dave Dugdale and Caleb Pike) into abandoning their EOS gear. Having spent some time with the camera last month myself, I was able to shoot some test footage over the course of a weekend to see what it had to offer.

Bear in mind that all of the footage was shot using strictly EF glass (adapted with a very inexpensive Fotasy EF Lens Adapter) and though the footage was shot natively in 4K, it has been downscaled to 1080p.

The results are still incredibly impressive. The level of detail in the rocks at 00:47 blows my mind. This camera captures a truly clean image with amazing sharpness.

My investment in Canon camera bodies and EF glass will likely keep me with my current camera package for the immediate future, but with the recent lukewarm video specs announced for the 7d Mark II and the new availability of Metabones EF Smart Adapter, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Panasonic has piqued my interest.

“Nicky” Magnolia Film Festival Official Selection & Mississippi Premiere: Press Release

Door Eleven Productions Announces Mississippi Premiere of Latest Film, “Nicky”

Boston-based Production Company brings short dramatic thriller, “Nicky” to The Magnolia Film Festival on Thursday, February 20 at Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville

BOSTON, Mass. – February 6, 2014  Door Eleven Productions, one of Boston’s leading independent film and video production companies, has just announced its latest dramatic thriller, “Nicky,” is an Official Selection of The Magnolia Independent Film Festival and will make its Mississippi Premiere on Thursday, February 20 at Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville. The 32-miniute short film will open The Magnolia Independent Film Festival and marks the company’s second acceptance into Mississippi’s longest running film fest with their sophomore feature, “The Darkness Within,” having screened in competition for “Best Feature Film” in 2010.

“Nicky” tells the visceral tale of an emotionally damaged man seeking retribution for his young brother’s kidnapping and the toll his obsession takes on him and those around him.  The film has received critical acclaim, including a stellar 5-star review from FilmThreat’s Amy R. Handler and has most recently won the prestigious Silver Screen Award from The Nevada International Film Festival.

Expected to attend are the film’s director & co-writer, Dom Portalla, actor/producer and co-writer, Ken Flott, as well as musical composer of the film’s score, Danielle Samson, who will all be participating in the post-screening question and answer session. “Magnolia has an excellent reputation for screening outstanding films and being a ‘filmmaker friendly’ festival,” says Portalla. “I’m honored and excited for “Nicky’s” inclusion in this year’s program and to be invited to return to what I consider one of my favorite film festivals.”

WHAT: Mississippi Premiere of Door Eleven Production’s dramatic thriller, “Nicky.” Cost of admission: $10. Q&A Session with cast and crew to follow screening.

WHERE: Hollywood Premier Cinemas, 101 Hollywood Blvd, Starkville MS. 39759

WHEN: Thursday, February 20, 2014 @ 7pm.

For more information and to purchase tickets for The Magnolia Independent Film Festival, please visit Follow the event on Twitter at #WeMissYouNicky & #MagFilmFest

About Door Eleven Productions

Door Eleven Productions is an independent film and video production company based in Boston specializing in grassroots projects, features and short film. Features include 2007’s crime-comedy, “Duality” & 2009’s critically acclaimed psychological thriller, “The Darkness Within,”  among several award-winning short films.

The Independent Critic: “Nicky” is a Haunting, Honest Short Film

It was hard to watch Nicky, a tremendous 32-minute short film from director Dom Portolla based upon a short story by the film’s lead Ken Flott. There are films that dance too closely to your own psyche’ and your own life experiences that to watch them is like ripping open the wounds from years’ past and picking away at the scabs.

Film Threat review of Nicky

Nothing is quite what it seems in Dom Portalla and Ken Flott’s newest Kafkaesque short film, Nicky—and that’s what makes us view it with one eye on the screen, and the other on the nearest exit.

The abduction of his young brother, Nicky, causes an unnamed man (Ken Flott) to seek vigilante justice, years after the boy disappeared. It seems that Nicky vanished one day, right after his older brother’s wedding, and was never seen again. At least not in any tangible way, that is.


From Midnight, With Love review of “Nicky”

I first encountered the work of Dom Portalla and Ken Flott, the men behind the short feature Nicky, in the fall of 2010.  Portalla had directed the ambitious low-budget thriller The Darkness Within (which came to me via longtime friend of FMWL Cortez the Killer over at the rockin’ Planet of Terror), which featured a key side performance by the attention grabbing Flott.  It was a good little film that piqued my interest in the folks at Door Eleven Productions, and that interest has thankfully led me to a pretty fantastic short film today. (more…)

“Nicky” Boston Premiere – Official Press Release

Door Eleven Productions Announces Premiere of Latest Film, “Nicky”

Boston-based production company to premiere dramatic thriller “Nicky” on Thursday, February 7 at Landmark Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge

BOSTON, Mass. – January 23, 2013  Door Eleven Productions, one of Boston’s leading independent film and video production companies, today announced its latest dramatic thriller, “Nicky,” will premiere Thursday, February 7 at the Landmark Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. The 32-minute short film marks the third time Door Eleven has used Boston as the backdrop for an emotionally gripping tale, further solidifying the production company’s rising star amongst Boston’s burgeoning film scene. (more…)

Rogue Cinema review of “Nicky”

Film Reviews: Nicky (2012) – By Cary Conley

The mind is a wonderful creation, and imagination is one of its greatest gifts. But in some cases, the imagination can be torturous. In the case of Nicky, our unnamed protagonist (simply called The Narrator in the credits) has been tortured for many years by his own imagination. Saying goodbye to his baby brother, Nicky, on his wedding day, The Narrator had no idea it would be the last time he would ever see his little brother, for just a few months later Nicky was kidnapped and disappeared without a trace. Since that time, The Narrator has never given up looking for little Nicky, hoping to discover what happened and who was responsible for his death. He has been utterly consumed with his search, even through the course of two marriages, neither of which worked out. And now, with the help of an underground network, The Narrator has discovered who stole his little brother all those years ago. Now it is his turn to put the wheels into motion as he seeks vengeance for his little brother. (more…)

Brutal As Hell review of “Nicky”

As feature length movies grow increasingly longer, short films serve a purpose beyond themselves – and that is to remind the film-going world that a moving story can be told in a fraction of the time which many features feel they now need. This is the case with Nicky, the third film by director/writer Dom Portalla, whose own feature The Darkness Within was reviewed by Marc last year Nicky focuses on the psychological rather than the visceral, but the story at its core is no less disturbing. In common with The Darkness Within, Nicky focuses on the psychological rather than the visceral, but the story at its core is no less disturbing. The film explores the enormity of personal tragedy, and the fact that Nicky focuses on the impact which this tragedy has on an individual makes it far more harrowing than even the nastiest horror could hope to express.

 This is a strong effort from Portalla – who realises that it’s possible to balance tension with pathos when you get your focus right. Key here is the performance of Ken Flott, who developed the idea for the story and also collaborated on the screenplay (more…)