Dom’s Top Ten Films of 2014

10. The Babadook “The Babadook” was one of the biggest surprises I had at the theater this year. Going into this Australian indie with very little knowledge of it’s premise, I was roped in by it’s subtle intelligence and understated psychological horror. Essie Davis turns in a powerful performance as a widowed woman whose mind begins to unravel after unwisely reading “Mister Babadook” (the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing of children’s books) to her behaviorally challenged son. With shades of both Polanski’s “Repulsion” and Kubrick’s “The Shining,” this is a truly smart monster movie that plays out as a metaphor for the parental rage that you lock in the cellar and quietly feed in the dark. 9. Chef I took “Chef” to be Jon Favareu’s love letter to independent cinema. Having successfully graduated from low-budget filmmaking to mega-blockbusters, Favreau returns to form here in a small movie about a chef[…]