“Nicky” Boston Premiere – Official Press Release

Door Eleven Productions Announces Premiere of Latest Film, “Nicky” Boston-based production company to premiere dramatic thriller “Nicky” on Thursday, February 7 at Landmark Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge BOSTON, Mass. – January 23, 2013  Door Eleven Productions, one of Boston’s leading independent film and video production companies, today announced its latest dramatic thriller, “Nicky,” will premiere Thursday, February 7 at the Landmark Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. The 32-minute short film marks the third time Door Eleven has used Boston as the backdrop for an emotionally gripping tale, further solidifying the production company’s rising star amongst Boston’s burgeoning film scene.



Rogue Cinema review of “Nicky”

Film Reviews: Nicky (2012) – By Cary Conley The mind is a wonderful creation, and imagination is one of its greatest gifts. But in some cases, the imagination can be torturous. In the case of Nicky, our unnamed protagonist (simply called The Narrator in the credits) has been tortured for many years by his own imagination. Saying goodbye to his baby brother, Nicky, on his wedding day, The Narrator had no idea it would be the last time he would ever see his little brother, for just a few months later Nicky was kidnapped and disappeared without a trace. Since that time, The Narrator has never given up looking for little Nicky, hoping to discover what happened and who was responsible for his death. He has been utterly consumed with his search, even through the course of two marriages, neither of which worked out. And now, with the help of[…]