The Man-Cave Interview with director Dom Portalla

My guest on today's edition of ETMC is a talented young man who directed his first short My Suburban Hell at age 17 in high school and produced his next short Be Kind Rewind while studying broadcasting at The New England Institute of Art. Upon graduation, Dom Portalla went on to write, direct and produce his first full length feature Duality. Several directed shorts later, Dom created the film that we are going to discuss today.

ETMC: Hi Dom and thanks for stopping by. Do you like how I introduced as if you were coming onto a late night talk show?

Dom: Genius, sir. Naturally, I’d be the guy who trips and faceplants as I walk to shake the host’s hand, so this actually works out better and spares me the embarrassment.

ETMC: Ok so Dom. I absolutely loved The Darkness Within. I won’t give anything away, but it certainly was not what I expected and I mean that with the highest flattery. A real brain tickler that I thought about well after I popped it out of my DVD player. So I want to ask you where the idea for this film came from?

Dom: When I was in college, I had been working on a modern re-imagining of a classic Edgar Allen Poe short story. The idea was to make a short film, probably only 20-30 minutes long, which would take place mostly in one apartment and focus mainly on voyeurism. I had about half of a script written and a ton of notes before I ended up putting it on the shelf to work on Duality, which became my first feature. A few years later, I’m standing outside my apartment talking to my neighbor. In the midst of making small talk, he drops this really creepy comment on me about always seeing me through my windows (I was living in a basement apartment at the time). It immediately triggered a bunch of ideas and made me revisit some of the material I had written previously. From that, The Darkness Within was born.

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