The Man-Cave Interview with director Dom Portalla

ETMC: Hi Dom and thanks for stopping by. Do you like how I introduced as if you were coming onto a late night talk show? Dom: Genius, sir. Naturally, I’d be the guy who trips and faceplants as I walk to shake the host’s hand, so this actually works out better and spares me the embarrassment. ETMC: Ok so Dom. I absolutely loved The Darkness Within. I won’t give anything away, but it certainly was not what I expected and I mean that with the highest flattery. A real brain tickler that I thought about well after I popped it out of my DVD player. So I want to ask you where the idea for this film came from? Dom: When I was in college, I had been working on a modern re-imagining of a classic Edgar Allen Poe short story. The idea was to make a short film, probably[…]



Enter The Man-Cave Review of “The Darkness Within”

By Enter The Man-Cave I have always thought that the worst mental prison for anyone is to be a victim of paranoia. Paranoid delusions blur the lines between reality and whatever world is being constructed in a paranoid person’s mind. This affliction can cause a sense of constant stress, discomfort when interacting within crowds, distrust of everyone including loved ones, and worst of all, mentally detaching yourself from the real world into a realm of cold and darkness.



The Liberal Dead on “The Darkness Within”

The Liberal Dead have placed “The Darkness Within” on their 10 Indie Flicks That Deserve Your Dollars list along with their Letter To Hollywood. “The Darkness Within” came out of left field and has become one of my top picks for 2010, so far. With a remarkable story, believable acting and an ending that will leave your mind blown, this is a must see for any horror fan. Made on a budget of almost nothing, “The Darkness Within” is a perfect example of indie filmmaking in its purest most guerilla form.”